Responsible Gambling Policy Statement

St Marys Rugby League Club acknowledges, accepts, and is committed to fulfilling its regulatory and social responsibilities in relation to gambling activities. The Club will provide a safe, and friendly environment, compliant with all legislation for the members and the community to enjoy.

The Club has adopted the ClubsNSW Club Gaming Code of Practice in accordance with the following principles:


  • The Club will ensure the provision and use of gambling products occur in a safe and enjoyable manner.
  • The Club will prioritise customer welfare and sustainable gambling activities.
  • The Club will adopt responsible gambling and harm minimisation measures in accordance with the code.
  • The Club will promote the social and economic benefits of responsible gambling and the gaming industry.

    These principles will be achieved by:


    Best Practice

    Best practice goes beyond compliance with legislation. It includes the development and implementation of responsible gambling practices, player awareness and protection measures that satisfy the communities expectations and best practice.


    ClubSAFE Premium

    The Club is a member of ClubSAFE Premium, a leading responsible gambling and compliance program operated by ClubsNSW to assist the club industry in managing the reputational, regulatory, and financial risks associated with liquor and gaming operations.


    ClubSAFE “Premium” is the highest level of the compliance program and provides additional services and detailed training courses for staff, management and Directors to ensure best practice is implemented across all levels of the Club.


    ClubSAFE Premium provides the Club with access to the world-class Multi-Venue Self-Exclusion platform (MVSE), their Gambling Counselling helpline and comprehensive policies and procedures manual.


    Financial Transactions and Credit Betting

    The Club will continually monitor and update responsible gambling policies and principles to ensure all legislative requirements pertaining to the payment of winnings and financial transactions, and encourage patrons to develop responsible practices in the use of finances for gambling purposes.

    The Club will not provide credit that could reasonably be used for the purpose of gambling activities to any person, including cash advances from credit cards.


    Safe Gambling Environment

    The Club provides a pleasant, friendly, and safe gambling environment. The Club offers food and drink service to all gaming machines to provide opportunities for gaming Staff to get to know players, develop rapport and conduct welfare checks.


    Management & Staff Training

    All Management & Staff will complete training courses as required by the Code.


    Director Training

    All Board of Directors will complete mandatory training as required by the Code.


    Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

    Over 260 cameras are positioned throughout the premises, covering all entrances to the Club, all gaming and operational areas, and back of house areas.



    Through ClubSafe Premium, the Club provides a world-class Multi-Venue Self-Exclusion platform (MVSE). This program allows members / guests to exclude themselves from entering the Club and multiple gaming venues across NSW. The minimum period for self-exclusion is six months. The Club will assist persons wishing to enter a self-exclusion, and in honouring the self-exclusion. Contact cards for the self-exclusion program and counselling services are positioned throughout the gaming floor.


    Third Party Self-Exclusion Advice

    If the Club is approached by a concerned family member or friend of a person with a suspected gambling problem, the Club will assist that family member or friend in making application to the Club’s gaming counselling service provider to have that person excluded from multiple club venues and / or their gaming areas.

    The Club will follow procedure and best practice during the process.


    Promotion of Responsible Gambling

    The Club will make available to members, visitors and staff, the Club’s RCG policy and program, and the support services available for problem gamblers.

    Mandatory signage is displayed throughout the gaming floor, and regular audits are undertaken to ensure compliance. The Club’s RCG policy is available on the Club’s website, and upon request.


    Community Standards

    The Club promotes gambling practices that conform to local community standards and expectations.


    Complaints and Dispute Resolution

    The Club has a comprehensive feedback process. Feedback maybe provided in person, by telephone, email, social media, written correspondence or via the Club’s website and on-line enquiry form. All feedback will be acknowledged and responded to promptly.


    Handling Personal Information

    The Club will comply with privacy legislation and has implemented a Privacy Policy detailing the policies and procedures for handling personal information relating to patrons and their gambling activity.


    Loyalty Programs

    The Club’s loyalty program provides benefits to all members while acting responsible and in line with government rules and community expectations. The loyalty program allows members to accrue reward points every time they spend money in the Club which can be redeemed for a variety of goods and services. The terms and conditions of the program are available from Reception and throughout the gaming floor.


    Player Activity Statement

    The Club is required by law to provide members with a free Player Activity Statement upon request. A member seeking a player activity statement for themselves should contact the Duty Manager or submit a written request.


    Gaming Register

    The Club will maintain a Gambling Incident Register, recording events and incidents relating to gaming activities.


    Monitoring Compliance

    The Club will conduct an annual audit of compliance as per the ClubsNSW Code of Practice Responsible Gambling Code.


    The Club will engage a qualified external consultant to audit compliance every three years.


    The results of any internal and external audit related to the code will be provided to the Board of Directors for review.


    Staff Gambling Policy

    Employees of St Marys Rugby League Club are not permitted to take part in any gambling activities at the Club at any time.